Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think my job is really cool

For those of you who don't know already, I am a structural engineer.  My job is essentially to design the guts of a building to make sure it stands up.  There are some days when I have moments where I think, "Man, my job is really cool!"

Today was one of those days.  I had the opportunity to go out to one of my job sites.  This is actually my first major project that has gone under construction.  This was my first project I worked on when I started my current job a year ago.  It has had its fair share of trials, but since it was a major learning experience being my first and all.  But today was one of those days that made me feel like the thousands of dollars spent on my degree were worthwhile.

This project is a large addition to a beer distributing warehouse.

This was a couple months ago when I was at the job site.  Those are all of the foundations I designed!

And that is all of my steel!

And here is how it looks today.  It's really a building! Not the most exciting or beautiful building.  But still.  I did all of that! :)  In a few more months that will be full of beer.  That's going to house a lot of beer...

So yeah, I think my job is pretty cool.  I'm pretty sure that is how it is supposed to be.