Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black, White, & Yellow All Over

During our 5 hour drive to Traverse City on Friday I stitched the binding on the Black, White, & Yellow All Over quilt.

I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the change in scenary as well.  These photos were taken at the bed and breakfast we stayed at on Sunday night, Chateau Chantel.  It is quite a gorgeous place.  It's a shame the weather was so dreary.  The photos really do not to the place justice.

Close up.

This quilt was string paper pieced.  Originally inspired by this quilt.  The unfinished blocks were 12.5" square.  I collected black and white fabric for awhile and tried putting the quilt together with other patterns, however, I never came up with one that I loved.  I saw Ashley's quilt and thought it looked like a winner and gave it a go.  I'm pretty pleased with the results!


Heather said...

Love this quilt. The back is unexpected and cool on its own too.
Great Work!

Ann said...

I absolutely love this black, white and yellow quilt! My foster granddaughter and I were looking for a black and white quilt and when she saw it she said that is the one I want only in purple instead of yellow. I am looking forward to starting on it. I really like the plain yellow "sashing" it helps to keep the quilt from looking too busy.