Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shady Zig Zags

On our drive to Chicago last weekend, I finished up the binding for the Shade Garden quilt.  You might remember my sadness the last time I posted about this quilt.

After the hole in the top, I proceeded to remove all of the quilting.  I then went on to remove all of the top pieces I needed to get to the one piece with the hole.  Luckily, I had plenty of leftover pieces from when I made the top, so that part was easy.  Then I just needed to sew it back together and I was back where I started.

And now, here you have it.  The final project. 

For the back, I used three of the prints from the Shade Garden line by Michelle Engel Benscko. 

I opted for loopy quilting to mimick the loopy pattern in one of the prints.  It seemed appropriate.

It is bound with Patty Young's Ta Dot in Teal.  I'm a huge fan of the Ta Dot fabrics.  They have such wonderfully, rich colors.  I actually have purchased several more recently and have them set aside for some upcoming projects.  Very exciting.


Sunshine said...

Hi Nichole,

the zigzags turned out lovely! I feel for you having to take that quilt apart to fill the hole - I doubt I would have had enough patience for that, I probably would have appliqued something over it *grins*.


Leslie said...

this is beautiful...i love it. i have a soft spot for a zig zag

Rebekah said...

this is so pretty! Did you use the Red Barn Quilt Along Zig Zag group for this? I just ordered some fabric to make a zig zag like this for a quilt for a twin quilt for Children's Village in Detroit