Monday, January 16, 2012

I did it!

One of my main goals was to finish my dad's quilt before our baby arrived. Thankfully, I was able to have all but a few feet of binding left to stitch when I went into labor. Hooray! I was able to finish the rest up that following week and threw it in the wash on Christmas Eve to wrap and give my father on Christmas day - exactly one year late. It worked out perfectly actually since his actual gift for this year arrived in early December.

When my dad opened the box and saw that it was his quilt he was so excited and surprised. It was great! It felt so good to be done with it and to see him to happy to receive it. He proceeded to use it for the rest of the afternoon! According to my mother, he had been using it as often as possible since Christmas and does not let anyone else touch it!

All in all, this is one of the most time consuming quilts I have made. The finished size is roughly 70" x 90". That means there are 63 of those square in square blocks that required a lot of cutting, sewing, pressing and trimming. I'm quite happy with the look but I'm not sure I'll be making one of those again in the near future. If I do, I might consider being less anal retentive and forgo the trimming after each ring. I think the quilting looks perfect for the quilt. I don't have a photo to show it so you're going to have to trust me on this one! I did straight lines running 1/4" off the outside seam of each block and then one line diagonally through each block in both directions. It is minimal so it let's the pattern show and keeps it cozy. I initially wanted to stick to only horizontal and vertical lines, but I know that, even with all that trimming, the inner seams world never line up enough to make the quilting look straight(ish).

The blocks are made with various varieties of four different color combinations to represent my dad's favorite Detroit/Michigan sports teams: the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, and the Michigan Wolverines.

For the back I used licensed prints of all of the teams except the Tigers. Surprisingly, quilting cotton for the Tigers is not available. As expected, my father liked the back more than the front. Figures!

All in all, I'd say this quilt was a success! As many are aware, I was highly skeptical when I embarked on this endeavor. I'm glad it worked out that both me and my father were happy with the result.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011: What Happened to You?

2011 was clearly not a great year for this blog. I barely had any posts and, overall, that was pretty representative of the amount of quilting and sewing I accomplished. I did, however, accomplish one major thing that really has been the reason for such a huge lull.

This is the reason: I became a mom!

I found out I was pregnant in April and almost immediately was stricken with fatigue that barely let up my entire pregnancy. I had absolutely zero motivation to sew (or to do much else).

Towards the end of my pregnancy I began working pretty heavily on my father's quilt and I think the noise of my sewing machine was so noisy and startling to the baby the he kicked and squirmed almost the entire time I was sewing for the first couple times. Sad, right?

My son, Gavin, was born on December 17 and is now already 3 weeks old! Things have been going well and I feel so much better now that I am no longer pregnant! I have motivation to be crafty again- which is super exciting! I'm looking forward to settling into a routine with Gavin so I can start being creative again.

I did manage to accomplish a few things- like actually finish my dad's quilt! I'll be sharing those things with you here shortly. But in the meantime, here is some more cuteness.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I can hardly call this past year a year of quilting. Actually, I can't at all. I have barely done any! The sports quilt I promised my father for Christmas LAST year is a perfect example of this. Until last week, I only had about half of the blocks done. Sad, but true.

Last week I decided to really get in gear and focus on wrapping this thing up. I spent an evening sewing the pieces together while my husband won Husband of the Year for pressing the seams. The help was so amazing and made these surprisingly time consuming blocks move along much more quickly. So here you have it, a stack of 63 blocks made with colors of my dad's favorite Detroit sports teams.

Now I'm off sewing the blocks together and will hopefully be able to finish this! Wouldn't that be exciting?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Knock, knock. Anybody home?

It has been over 7 months since I have updated here.  I have often thought about updating this poor, neglected blog but the daunting task of catching up has prevented me.  So, here I am.  I just wanted to say hi and let you know I do still plan to update this thing.  And soon.  There is plenty of exciting things around here to update about.  Maybe now that this first post is over it will be easier to let the others roll.  :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is love

The Bible says, "We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us."  If quilting had a Bible, it would say "We know what real love is when we receive handmade quilts using multiple, non-coordinating licensed prints."

This quilt attests to the fact that I love my dad.  He requested a quilt showcasing all of the Detroit sports teams (except the Red Wings).  If you are not from the Detroit area, let me show you what this entails.  They don't match at all!

And it translates to this with licensed prints (the Tigers don't have licensed cotton prints).

After some serious procrastinating I had a conversation with Julie who suggested using solids only - brilliant!  I saw this photo on Flickr, which is actually quite similar to the rough idea I had in mind already, so I went with it.

I now present you round 1 - Detroit Lions blocks.

I think they actually look pretty good!  We'll see how this goes once the other three color groups are mixed in.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Maintain a Boring Blog

I often have mental goals of where I would like to be on a project when I plan posts.  Unfortunately, since things always take longer than I hope, this tends to lead to a boring blog.  For example, I currently have 8 blocks completed for the Toyko subway quilt and have been holding off posting until I have 9 for awhile now.  I just wanted to have the nice completed square!  So here you have it - the 8 finished blocks!

I'm loving how this looks.  It's so geometric and me.  :)  It's a shame these blocks are so time consuming.  It really makes it difficult to gain motivation and momentum to finish this quilt.  I had a goal to finish one a week that I was able to meet a couple weeks, but then I fell off the bandwagon.  I have 8 of 25 done - not even halfway there.  Sadness.