Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wonderful Wonderland

During the 4 hour drive to Chicago, I was also able to finish up the binding on a second baby quilt.

I loved the several Ashley at Film in the Fridge made, so I decided, why not?  Those 5" squares are just so easy!  I love the straight line quilting Ashley does, however, I have not had very good luck with straight quilting lately.  After the fiasco with the Shady Zig Zags, I preferred to take steps to avoid more time with the seam ripper.  Stippling was the easiest (and safest) option.  I like how the stippling turned out a lot anyway.  Take that straight quilting!

The back is one of the prints from the Wonderland line.  I bound the quilt using the Kona Cotton solid in Berry.  It really is such a pretty color.


call me crazy said...

Very cute! I love the solid binding. ;-)

Leslie said...

this is so pretty. there is something so appealing about a squares quilt. so simple but so pretty. the stippling looks great. i wish i was even remotely skilled at it.

d said...

i love this quilt!!! lovely colors, and beautiful prints work well with simple squares. :)

Libby said...

I love making those "charm quilts" When I firat started quilting I made one from a Fig Tree line. Still one of my favorites! Yours looks wonderful!

Rebekah said...

This is so pretty! I love the colors in this one...such a fun fabric line.

I have much better luck with stippling, too. I think I'm just going to stipple the rest of my quilts and save myself the trouble and frustration of crooked lines