Saturday, July 7, 2007


I've finished the top of my new quilt! I am surprised how quick it was to make this one. I guess that's what happens when you choose a simpler design and it's not your first quilt. Now the decision is how I want to quilt this one. I'm not sure what design I'd like to do or if I'd like to do hand quilting or machine quilting. Machine quilting would be much quicker- especially with all of the straight seams that are in the top. However, I like the idea of being able to actually sit and have a conversation with someone while I'm doing the quilting. Decisions, decisions. But either way, I am quite pleased how this quilt turned out.

Now that this quilt top is finished, I don't plan to start anymore quilts until the end of summer. When it is so beautiful outside, I really shouldn't be sitting inside with my sewing machine! Although, to make myself feel a little less ridiculous for sitting inside on gorgeous days, I DID set up my sewing machine right by a big window. :)

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