Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where has the time gone?

The past couple months have been quite busy and have left me little time to do things like quilting. I started a new job in the beginning of December and have decided that December is a terrible time to change jobs. Especially when you had only been working 32 hours a week previously and had adjusted quite nicely to 3 day weekends. Luckily, I had the week between Christmas and New Years off and got to catch up a lot of the things that got push to back burner. Especially the quilt-a-long. This morning I worked a little more on the blocks. I am now finished with week 6 and have the pieces cut for weeks 7 and 8. Still behind, but at least I'm not still on week 2. :) Here's my progress. I like some of the blocks much better than others. I was kind of scared about how they would look all together, but I was pleasantly surprised! Sometimes I think I'm too much of an engineer to have a quilt of all different blocks with a random assortment of colors, but it's not so bad after all. Now that I know what they look like together it will be easier to choose colors for the coming weeks as well.

Quilt-a-long is coming along nicely


Jacquie said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog. I love your first quilt. The colors are beautiful. I'm doing the quilt-a-long too, though I just joined and am working hard to catch up. I'm just starting block 5. Keep up the great work!

Your quilting Mom said...

Nichole - this is looking great! I chucked about the Engineering thing. If you don't like to put the blocks right up against each other, you could always put a latice strip between them. Kind of sets them apart. Just a thought! Your colors are pretty

Stephanie said...

Your colors look fabulous!