Monday, October 27, 2008

Clear to proceed...

Last night I attempted to start my Christmas tree skirt. As I got further and further into it, I started getting more and more confused about some dimensions. Since I tend to do things much more complicated than they need to be, I decided that I needed a hexagon shaped tree skirt. Not a square or a circle. Then I decided that it can't just be one color, it needs to have several. As I started trying to figure out angles and lengths and how to fit it all on my fabric, I realized that I needed to draw it up. So today I spent my lunch drafting my tree skirt pattern in the CAD program we use here at the office. Being a nerdy engineer has it perks at times.
Now things are all clear and I can continue my project.

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joei martinez said...

oh are the daughter my mother never had! You are amazing..going to keep the family tradition alive!!! your adorable!