Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I've been up to

While you wouldn't know it by this blog, I have actually been busy sewing quite a bit.  I don't, however, have a lot to show for it.  It's quite unfortunate really.  About a month ago I had this grand idea that I would try sewing some clothes again.  A couple years ago I attempted to make a skirt.  It felt like it took forever and it turned out quite terribly.  After that, I swore off sewing clothes.  Well, that was along enough ago that I have sufficiently forgotten how frustrating it was.  I decided I'd give it another try after seeing all of the great projects people have been making from Weekend Sewing.  It hasn't gone well so far.  The biggest problem I have had as been having the proper amount of fabric!  I have found her estimates to be on the low side.  Quite frustrating.

So, I chucked it and moved on to something foolproof- napkins.  I used this tutorial.

I love them!  I'm planning to make some new placemats as well.  Those will come at a later date. What color would be best?  I was thinking a dark brown, but my dishes are dark brown.  I think it wouldn't be enough contrast.  Maybe ivory-ish instead?

I have also been working on finishing up my Mod Sampler quilt.  I quilted it this past week- in one night!  It went so quickly!  I was pretty excited.  I'm looking forward to showing it off.  I really like it a lot!

Now I'm off for a bike ride to take some pictures and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having!

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Rebekah said...

love the fabrics you used for these napkins! Enjoy your new eating accessories :)