Sunday, September 6, 2009


Back at the beginning of August, on a whim, I joined the "Scrappy Christmas Block Swap". After I had already committed I had "buyer's remorse", perse, and lacked motivation to work on my blocks. But I have finished them! We'll try not to dwell on the fact that they're a week late. In my defense, these hedgerow blocks are way more labor intensive than I expected! Hopefully my swapmates (is that a word?) don't get too annoyed.

They'll be off to their new owner's on Tuesday. And I now know that "scrappy Christmas" is not for the girl who is inexplicably drawn to things that could be described as "matchy".


Donna said...

Ha-ha! I can identify with the "matchy" part. I've also found wonky to be really difficult, as I've tried so hard to be precise and un-wonky, and who'd've figured that one day wonky would not only be acceptable but desirable! (found you on flickr; nice job on your blocks!)

Karen said...

Great blocks! I know what you mean about "matchy"... I feel the same way too, about my stuff.

I have some of the same fabrics you used and was going to make blocks with them, but then I couldn't find more fabrics that - gulp - matched! I'd be happy to swap some of it with you if you're game. It's Moda something from last Christmas.

KQuiltyBee said...

Yup--I'm not as scrappy as I wanna be, but I LOVE these!