Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pinwheels: Week 3

Earlier this week I whipped up my pinwheel blocks for the quilt-a-long.  I think I have said this every week so far, but I'm really loving these blocks. 

I decided that I am going to hold off on week four.  Not only does it work out wonderfully for my schedule, I think it might be a wise decision in the long run.  This week's block only has one fabric used, so it may be a nice block to have at the end.  Since we're using layer cakes and I don't know what all of the blocks look like, I'm thinking it might be a nice way to use up stray squares or to even out some colors.  We'll see if it proves to be as wise as I am expecting.   


call me crazy said...

Nice blocks! I love pinwheels! :-)

Candace said...

Great blocks, so neat and clean, and the fabrics are beautiful.

Sunshine said...

How cool, if you turn the one on the top clockwise, the inside triangles look like a flower because one of them is mostly green!