Monday, September 27, 2010

Just in time for cooler weather

Last week is was quite warm and windy here in Ann Arbor. I was enjoying having the fresh breeze with the windows opened in our condo. The only downside to this was the repeated slamming of our bedroom door. Finally, after a rude awakening in the middle of the night by said slamming door, I decided that I needed a doorstop- fast.

After a quick search, I hoped for this tutorial for this well thought out and cute, little nine patch option. It came together relatively quickly although it was a lot of steps for a doorstop. However, if I wanted a simple doorstop, I would have just purchased one from the store. I opted to forgo using the fusible fleece the pattern calls for and use batting scraps instead. I just couldn't justify purchasing fusible fleece when I have a plethora of batting scraps laying around. It worked wonderfully and I can't imagine the fleece out have provided better results.

I have been enjoying small projects lately. They're refreshing in the midst of all of the long term quilting projects I have going. I have also found them to be useful at trying out some of the accessories that came with my sewing machine. For example, on this project, I was able to use the seam guide for the quilting on the back.

I don't often do straight quilting so I hadn't learned the joys of this accessory yet. It's really great! It definitely made things quite simple and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The finished doorstop certainly looks great in our bedroom! Too bad as soon as I completed it the weather became too cold to keep the windows open. I guess I'm now well prepared for next spring!


Candace said...

That's as cute as it can be. I love the little handle.

Chicken Julie said...

Looks fantastic.

Leslie said...

this is lovely. it is so great to have a few small things to satisfy the need to finish something when there are so many big projects to be done.

Sunshine said...

Cute :) Looks like a purse - maybe one could make a purse and just have a weight that slides inside. Then when the weather turns too cold for open windows, you could either use it as a purse, or (drum roll) put in a bag of those things you can heat in the microwave and take it to bed to warm up :)

Rebekah said...

cute doorstopper! We need one of those at my office. Everytime the door slams from the windows being open, I nearly have a heart attack.

And, leave it to Michigan weather to make a craft project obsolete upon completion!