Saturday, April 23, 2016

Christmas in... April

A couple years ago I made beautiful quilted stockings for our family. I truly love them and they're my favorite part of my Christmas decorating.

 photo CEE84D75-B065-4612-86E0-9D4BA001221E.jpg
This August we are expecting a baby girl to join our family, so I'm in need of another stocking. I've been tossing around ideas and trying to decide what type of pattern to use.

First, I decided to try a lone star style pattern like this inspiration photo.
 photo C0026FF2-C35E-4229-8F6B-C73D5C96873D_1.jpg
I used this tutorial from the Hopeful Homemaker to try to recreate it. I really love it, but my first attempt was far too large to work for a stocking. I guess I'll have a new Christmas pillow cover! Whoops!
 photo 2D7F608D-D4CE-4AD1-A4C3-C38B55FC283A.jpg
Next, I decided to go a similar route with this style. I like the diamond pattern and thought it would be a nice alternative.

I modified the previous tutorial to be a little smaller to make the diamonds. Once I made a handful of them, I realized I didn't really love the look with the light cuff like our stockings have.

I decided to swap out the solid for one of the more neutral prints in my Christmas fabric. Still not loving it.

 I do really like the diamonds though, so I'm going to keep going with it in a slightly different direction.

Now I need to make quite a few more diamonds!

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