Sunday, February 21, 2010


Despite being quite busy the past couple of months, I have managed to be quite the productive little quilter as well.  I'd say it is a combination of procrastination, denial, and just enjoying quilting so much I like to squeeze it into much of my free time.

I finished this top just after Christmas actually.  I originally bought a Wonderland layer cake and cut it up into charm squares.  I planned to blog about this quilt and my last Wonderland quilt together.  However, when I finished the last quilt this top was still collecting dust on my shelf, so that post idea was scrapped.

Since I liked the last one so much, I opted to reuse this pattern.  It is two charm packs and some Kona Cotton in sable and snow.  I plan to quilt it the same way.  I'm not sure what to do about the back right now.  I originally bought some Wonderland yardage, but miscalculated and now I do not have enough.  It seems that math errors are a common theme this weekend.

This week I also finished up my "On the Road to Spring" top.  I was unsure about it after I finished it.  Although as I was taking pictures I decided I really like the colors in this quilt.  They're really pretty! 

Now I just need to get the back together for this and I'm good to go!


Leslie said...

i love looks great!!! but that second top is amazing. i love the colors and the fun way you designed it.

call me crazy said...

Wow, you have been very productive! Great job! Love the colors. :)

Sunshine said...

Busy girl -I like both quilts a lot. Nice choice with the solids for the wonderland quilt.


Karen said...

Gorgeous tops!! I love the Wonderland top and I just adore the second one - both fabrics and design.

Melanie said...

Just fantastic! I love the Wonderland quilt. The solids really make the prints pop and what a great way to stretch a pre-cut pack. I love the "spring" quilt too; the colors are so happy. Can't wait to see how you finish them out!

Rebekah said...

your wonderland quilt is so pretty! I love the diagonals of brown and white mixed in with the prints.

And the brick road quilt is just so bright and fun.