Friday, May 28, 2010

Road Trip Ready

When I know I have long drives ahead of me, I like to be prepared with a quilt binding ready for hand stitching.  It's a nice way to pass time and still feel productive.  This weekend Shawn and I are traveling to visiting his parent's in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  That means we're in the car for 6.5 hours each way this weekend.  Unfortunately, I am fresh out of quilts that are close to binding since I have traveled nearly every weekend this month.  What's a girl to do?!

It looks like it is hexagons to the rescue.  This should keep me busy for awhile!


Leslie said...

hexagons are perfect for travel!!! they are what i take to my sisters when i go visiting.

Sara said...

Oh, the UP, eh? Hope you had a nice drive. Hexies are a great travel project. I'm planning on whipping up a few on my trip home in July (430 miles one way).