Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I Love Michigan

In photos, of course, from my weekend in Traverse City.

Rocky beaches

Sandy beaches

Beautiful scenery

 Lake Michigan

Fantastic wineries

 Beautiful sunsets

Gorgeous sunsets

Ok, enough with the sunsets

And this guy, who I have been married to for 2 lovely years. :)


Leslie said...

this looks so beautiful. what a fun place to go and visit.

d said...

what a gorgeous weekend! i'm so glad you guys had such wonderful weather and that you got to see a beautiful sunset.

Laurel H. said...

GREAT pictures! I am originally from Chicago, and I don't ever remember our beaches being as beautiful as what you shared in your photos.

April said...

I heart Michigan, too! People think I'm a great photographer, but really, you can't mess up a perfect sunset or rolling fields. :)