Monday, April 19, 2010

Done- and it's so nice!

I'm done studying!  Yay!  I think it went all right, but I'll know for sure in 10-12 weeks.  Let's hope and pray that I don't have to go through that again!

Now that I don't have studying to do, this weekend was full of FUN stuff.  On Saturday I went fabric shopping with a friend, went to a bridal shower, and then Shawn and I spent the evening in downtown Detroit for a celebratory dinner.  It's restaurant week downtown so we were able to go to the 24 Grille without paying a fortune.  It was still on the pricey side, but it was a celebratory occasion so it's ok, right?  The food was incredible too.

Before going to dinner, Shawn and I walked around downtown for a bit.  Downtown Detroit is a pretty place- especially along the Detroit River.  The odd part of the evening was that the streets were empty.  I'm not sure if it were just because it was cold out or not.  I always think of Detroit as a "big city" but I think Ann Arbor has a busier downtown on a Saturday night.  It's kind of sad actually.  The city is full of big, beautiful buildings reminiscent of better times that are a stark contrast to the current condition of the city.  The restaurant was packed, but I suspect that it was mostly people like Shawn and myself- visitors from the suburbs. 

Yesterday I was able to get back to sewing.  So exciting!  I was able to finish up a top and I started quilting it.  

I am hoping to finish the quilting tonight.  I think that hope may fall into the unreasonable category, but I tend to be over ambitious with the amount of things I can accomplish. 


Laurel H. said...

Yay; you get a break for a bit! Glad to hear the dinner was great. Also glad to hear you had a chance to do some quilting! I just pin basted a quilt, but I must grade my students' work (and send out a number of items I just sold on eBay) before I can actually sit down to quilt it. Ah well...

Rebekah said...

Congrats on finishing your exam (sorry I'm so late)! I hope you get excellent results in a few months.

Good for you for checking out Detroit. I didn't know anything about restaurant week. Detroit is so dead on the weekends and the 40+ crowd is afraid of getting mugged so they never visit (unless for a ball game). It's a shame because the city has great architecture, cultural life and restaurants and no one ever visits.