Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring to Finish

I have a lot of unfinished projects.  This is no secret around our house.  Luckily, Jacquie has kicked off her annual Spring to Finish.

spring to finish big

I have made it my goal to finish 4 of my quilts that are in various stages of completion before May 31st.

Here are the ones I'd like to finish up:

Hunky Dory disappearing nine-patch

On the Road to Spring 

New Wave baby quilt

Pinwheel sampler

Not to mention all of the bee blocks I need to catch up on and the new ironing board cover I'd like to make.  Ambitious?  Yes.  Do able?  Maybe.


Bridget B said...

good luck- seems like too many new things get in my way.

Sunshine said...

I love the fabrics you chose for the road to spring, especially! I look forward to seeing all your finished projects on May 31! You can do it, your pile seems totally managable!

Leslie said...

this spring to a finish is a great idea. i need to evaluate what i need to do and then join up.

Melanie said...

What pretty projects you have in the works. I think I need to challenge myself this spring too. I'm anxious to see your finished projects!

That Girl said...

I think it's a do-able list. I can't wait to see how your projects turn out... you are using some of my favorite fabrcs!

Jennifer :)

Rebekah said...

Good luck with your list! It definitely sounds do-able now that you aren't studying all the time