Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hexagon Update :: Travel Report

Traveling to Hawaii was good for my hexagons!  

I made 185 hexagons...

... and 16 flowers.

I have been admiring how they look laid out like this.  I think they look great! 

On a side note, does anyone else feel awkward about admitting they think something they made looks great?  It makes me feel self-focused and awkward.  I don't know why.  I know it's ok if I think I did something well, but there is this voice inside telling me I shouldn't.

 Don't they look so cute all stacked up together?


Angie said...

So much work! I cannot imagine making a large quilt out of these.

Terriaw said...

You were so productive on your travels! I'm so envious of these gorgeous hexagons and the flowers too. Such a fun project that I hope to try one of these days.

Corky said...

That is such a great question. Is it ok to admit we like what we did? If you like it, absolutely say so! Nothing wrong with liking or loving) what you have accomplished! Is it prideful, maybe, but as long as it doesn't hurt someone else, I think a bit of pride is healthy.

My question is: are you planning to "attached" the hexagons to another piece of fabric or ?? I love making Hexagons and have them in all sizes, some vintage, some bright, some 30s. What do I do with them?

Leslie said...

don't feel awkward...they do look great. nothing wrong with being proud of your hard work.

Angie said...

What a great quilt these hexagons will be! Great job!!

Angie --

Mistea said...

I think is good to say I like the way something turned out. There are too many times when I focus on what isn't right.

Enjoy what you create and if you like it then it's okay to tell people that.

Have a great Monday.

Rebekah said...

These hexes are so pretty! You're starting to convince me that I need to start a project like this :)

I think you should totally speak up when you do or make something cool!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

Yes, it does feel funny to admire your own work, but hey, we're artists and we're SUPPOSED to make things that we love! :) So go ahead and tell everyone how awesome your hexies are. Because they are. You've done nice work!

mh said...

I was knitting a new hat pattern while on vacation this last weekend, and I would occassionally stop and tell David, "This is going to look really great!" I was excited that what I saw in my head was matching up with reality.

I don't know if quilters have something Ravelry, but I feel like sites like that where you can showcase your work help mitigate that weird feeling about praising your own work. You're among friends who are able to admire it, and it's a mutual admiration society where it's totally cool to own up to how much you love what you're making.

Val said...

They really do look good stacked together, do you change the top one every so often to give them all a chance to be on top?
Seeing your flowers now I can't decide on rows (like Texas Freckles) or flowers ..... mmmmm, I still have a long way to go yet!
Have a nice day,
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

savvy stitch said...

I love your hexagons! They look beautiful all together! If you want to swap some fabrics, let me know!