Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Traveling

After Christmas Shawn and I spent some time with his parents in Michigan's Upper Penninsula.  The UP is a beautiful place to visit.  While we were there we partook in some fun winter activities.

First, we went and saw some ice caves and (partially) frozen waterfalls.  They were impressive and beautiful!  Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

Eben Ice Caves
Inside the ice caves
Wagner Falls
Ice covered bushes along Lake Superior
My mother-in-law and I spent an afternoon sewing together.  As with most times I sew with friends, we didn't accomplish a whole lot.  The truth is that it doesn't really matter how much was accomplished.  I don't sew with people I like to be productive - I like to talk!

Shawn's brother and his family drove in from Wisconsin to join us for a day.  We spent some time hiking on the frozen river, building snowboys, and having a snowball fight.  And more photos for your enjoyment.

Drilling a hole through the ice
The frozen river

Frozen lake with glittery snow

Sunset over the river
More photos here if you are interested.

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Sunshine said...

Nichole, you take great photos! I love the one in your flicker folder with trees and soft shadows on the snowscape! (one of the ice cave ones).
The Caves are impressive! What are they like in the summer? Are they still called "Ice Caves" then?