Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Hobby

While I was in college I learned how to know.  It took me (at least) a couple years to finish a two scarves and I decided to call it quits after that.  However, as I see more and more knit projects around, it makes me want to pick the hobby up again and again.  I have been holding off for awhile now since I really don't need another expensive hobby.  Finally, shortly before Christmas my grandma requested for me to make her some homemade dishcloths.  She actually asked for crocheted dishcloths, but I took it upon my self to make knit ones.  It's the same general idea, right?

So here we have it, my dishcloth experiment.

I started out by making her four.  I chose four different patterns that allowed me to experiment a little on a new stitch or pattern style.

My first one.  In the center, something got mixed up and the (hard
to see) diamond pattern become reversed.  Whoops!
The standard checkered pattern.  Easy peasy.
A "baby fern" pattern.  This one gave me a bit
of trouble.  But I conquered! 
And my favorite one.  This one turned out really well!
It has some texture that I think will work well on a dishcloth.
All in all, I think I'm hooked.  I really enjoy knitting!


Leslie said...

these are very pretty...i am a terrible knitter

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Nichole! They look great!

Sunshine said...

Great colours and I'm impressed at the patterns you did - fancy!
In my opinion, knitted dish cloths are better than crocheted because they're not as rigid (the knitted ones). Next time, try doing them on point - they have a better shape that way because all sides are stretchy instead of just the sides and not the top/bottom when you go up straight :)