Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hexagons, hexagons, hexagons

It has been awhile since I had an update on my hexagon quilt.  After making a significant amount of progress in our travels to and from Hawaii, I lost a bit of steam on the project.  I tend to only work on my hexagons in the car, and since we haven't done a lot of traveling lately, my quilt has been a bit neglected.  There has been some progress to report though.

I have 154 sewn together.

I have 17 flowers sewn together waiting to be added to the others.

And 1072 total hexagons completed!


Elena said...

I went through a lull on this project, too. But now I've completed my goal of over 1500 hexies made. Now I've just got to get a technique down and start sewing them together!
Then I'm thinking of getting it longarmed...outlines around the hexies if possible.

Sunshine said...

Amazing, this is definitely the kind of project where you want to keep track of the number of pieces!

Leslie said...

i can not believe how many you have made...i started a few way back thinking i would work on it and give the quilt to my sure to be grown by then daughter, but alas it has been aside too long to want to work on...i hate it when that happens....maybe it will come out again. yours is surly inpiring

Corinnea said...

Gorgeous! I too have slacked off on mine and am just getting started again. Thanks for inspiring!

Christy said...

Gorgeous! I love that photo of all of them color-coordinated in that plastic case. The first quilt I ever made was a Grandmother's Flower Garden and never really thought I'd make another hexagon quilt, but all those blocks look so tempting!