Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello, sunshine!

Goodbye cold and  snowy, Michigan!

Helloooooo, warm and sunny Arizona!

Photo by Greg McCown
I'm off to spend the weekend with my cousin for some wedding planning and a mid-winter thaw.  It's nice having family in warmer climates.  :)


ali said...

i agree! your sister in kenya wanted me to tell you it was 89 degrees F today. you are welcome to continue your mid-winter thaw at her place ;)

ali said...

ps. that's a great shot of the post... i love how you can see the soft snowflakes falling above it!

Sunshine said...

Haha, is it okay that I take this post personally??? For a second I seriously thought "Oh, her posts are personalized now and greet every person by their user names???"