Monday, January 17, 2011

Waves for Noah

In July one of my close friends had her first baby boy.  She requested a quilt and of course I obliged.  Her and her husband opted to not find out the sex before he was born.  Naturally, I was running behind in the quilt making department, so this turned out to be good for me because it bought me some extra time to make a gender specific quilt.

I finished up the top and the quilting in early fall, but it sat untouched with the girly quilt for over a month with the binding pinned on.  At the end of November I kicked my butt into gear and decided to finally finish the quilt.

I used the New Wave pattern from Oh, Fransson!  I made the lap size version for a couple reasons - I bought the fabric for it before the version for the baby quilt came out and it also makes it a more versatile size.  Room to grow into, right?  :)

The binding is a grey mini dots pattern by Michael Miller that matches the Kona coal almost perfectly.  I think the polka dot binding ties it together nicely.

All in all, I'd say it was a success.  I love this pattern.  I think I see another one in my future.  That is, after I finish up all of the other projects on my list!


Sunshine said...

You picked really fun fabrics for this one, nice and bright for a little one!

Candace said...

I need a boy quilt in a few months. This seems like a great idea. I have the pattern and have been wanting to make a wave quilt. Yours looks great and I like the idea of a little bigger and being used longer.